Dr. Eibhlin Fletcher

Leadership Expert

Rolls Royce UK hired Eibhlin straight from finishing her chemistry doctorate into their emissions technology division, but being handpicked to implement a lean production project was where she began working in business culture and change. Moving to Australia from Ireland in 2004, she initially worked in strategy and corporate planning, but found her flow in coaching leaders and teams. This is where the first ideas for Get a Grip of the Grind™ germinated. She also has a life-long love of daring and adventure, which has included; the Melbourne Ironman Triathlon; representing Ireland in a Duathlon; hang gliding around Europe; getting lost regularly; rock climbing; 24hr adventure racing and other endurance events. Through executive coaching, she became profoundly aware that adventuring in the outdoors gave her an edge in her performance outcomes, both personal and in her career.

Her life and work experiences, skills and training are the driving force behind Get a Grip of the Grind™ along with a personal determination and passion to help others carve out a more fulfilling, and content experience. Her goal is to give women the courage to be a warrior for their big and small ambitions in life, personally or professionally. Get a Grip of the Grind™ mentors women and design programs that dare women to be bold, even fierce, personally and professionally. We leverage adventuring into the outdoors as it neatly exposes our stress responses, and self-limiting beliefs in safe environments where women are coached in real time to adopt more productive responses, superboosting their confidence.  Being in nature also reduces the demands on our attention, giving our brain time to reorganise itself. We build programs based on contemporary women’s issues, creating leaders, champions and confident women who their place in the world, rather than be shaped by it.

Get a Grip of the Grind™ Festival 2021

We create moments for you to get out of the grind, take stock, reconnect with your passions and ambitions, and tap in to your fearlessness (it’s there). We inspire you to be determined to leave your legacy in your world. We do this with female mentors, facilitators, mavericks and legacy makers. Our programs and events include:

– Annual Festival 26 – 28 Feb 2021

 – Bi Annual Retreats – Autumn and Spring

 – The AIFE Series™

 – Coaching

 – Executive coaching:

 – Get a grip of your career

 – Get a grip of burnout

 – Get out of your rut


Find out more about Get A Grip Of The Grind Festival here.


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