In our own words: Breaking The Bias

On this International Women’s Day 2022, we reflect on the opportunities to act, to improve our post-pandemic workplaces, and remove bias for the benefit of everyone.  While it is known that women around the world experience bias at work, it is the unconscious bias that often makes it harder for women to be hired and promoted in equal numbers to men.

This is why this year’s theme of #BreakTheBias is important in creating widespread change by challenging the biases we face and shedding them boldly.


We at Open Door have had our own experiences and personal stories of bias:

“In my early career, I worked in the automotive industry as a parts interpreter where almost every person I came into contact with was male; and almost without exception they would ask to see ‘the man’ rather than speak to me. “What do you know about cars?”.  I had to prove myself over and over again whereas my male colleagues did not.”

Sharon Crain – Managing Director


“I haven’t personally experienced gender bias in my career, but I’ve seen a lot of women who have and how they’ve overcome it to be successful. I’m blessed to be in these times where women are celebrated and many employers are actively addressing diversity and striving to be more inclusive.

We still have a long way to go in terms of eliminating our unconscious bias. Let’s continue to #BreakTheBias and continually evolve. I’m proud to work at Open Door that is committed to empowering women and improve their economic opportunities.”

– Jayasri Sivakumar, Principal Consultant


“People are conventionally only inclined to direct their concern to the most obvious and blatant remarks of gender discriminations perhaps because they are easy to address, however one major overlooked form of discrimination for women in any industry are subtle remarks such as “It’s a challenging role for a woman”, or “A woman would not be suited to handle such a role”. During my course at the university, I had one such assessment which was on the topic of unconscious discrimination at the workplace which usually starts with using *masculine words* for job descriptions that gives the candidate’s a first impression about the company and a lot of times deters women from applying to these roles. Such masculine worded descriptions are deduced by women that they are not the right fit for the role and should not apply, regardless of qualifications. This really motivated me to work and use my knowledge and skills to divert my passion towards working for an organisation that aligns with such principles and strives to reduce gender balance through recruitment processes.”

– Navneet Dhariwal, Talent Acquisition Specialist


I recently moved to Melbourne a couple months ago and was recruited by Open Door Recruitment immediately after. When I called my friends and shared the news with them, which for me was a very proud moment, they all asked me if the company only recruited me to fulfil their diversity requirements. I just asked them subtly, “What makes you think that?” I hope it makes them realise their subtle prejudice. I laugh at those who believe women can’t do what men do easily and those who clearly have no idea that I’m a strong, independent woman, and I’ve got this.

– Shivika Kohli, Talent Acquisition Specialist


“When I moved to Melbourne and with my prior international experience, I was in the process of job hunting and chatted to the myriad of recruiters in Melbourne. It was then I was politely suggested to change my name to a more anglicised name to help reduce bias during the recruitment process. This is exactly the types of limiting views that I aim to change in my role as a Principal Recruiter at Open Door where we emphasize and recognise candidate experience and celebrate diversity in all its glory!”

– Pooja Ganesh, Principal Consultant



Through all of our experiences we can recognise our experiences where change is required and actions must be taken to address and be part of this change.

In 2022, we at Open Door Recruitment have partnered with leading businesses to help address and be part of this movement to be more inclusive and eliminate bias.

We are committed to this everyday and are proud to be part of recognising and #BreakingTheBias.


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