Diversity & Inclusion

Many of our clients understand the importance of fostering a diverse and inclusive culture within their organisation, not for the sake of it, but because of the value it brings to the enterprise. And many of their clients expect it –

But getting there can be difficult. A range of factors mean that creating a climate and environment where diverse and inclusive cultures can thrive isn’t easy – if it were, everyone would be doing it and we wouldn’t need to worry about it.

That’s why Open Door works closely with our clients to ensure that where changes to cultures, policies and processes are made within organisations, they are enduring and sustainable.


Taking action for success

Diversity & Inclusion is a cornerstone for building thriving organisational cultures.

Small steps first

When change is a journey, taking the first steps can be hard.

Our partner programs are designed to help everyone from CEO/Executive Teams through to larger teams of an operational nature.

Our D&I consultants have years of expertise in this important area and have a number of programs and services that will assist organisations in taking the first steps:

 – Inclusion strategy development

 – Cultural and organisational preparedness assessment

 – Inclusive Leadership Development

 – Unconscious bias training

 – Customer and employee inclusive experience design


Talk to us on (03) 7022 6740 to discuss your needs and how we can assist further.

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