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Why settle for less than best?

Traditional search methods don't reveal the entire talent market - that's why our approach delivers starkly different results.

Sourcing and recruiting a gender balanced shortlist in any discipline can be a challenge. In some technical areas like IT, many organisations find it nearly impossible. This means that some organisations with excellent diversity overall, can still struggle in particular areas.

Open Door can help bring balance.

Open Door is very different from the traditional recruitment firm. We specialise in the recruitment and support of women in leadership roles across multiple disciplines, particularly in STEM-related industries and Not-For-Profit organisations.

Redressing the balance

We don’t just recruit. Our methods are proven to find the right talent, each and every time, to help our partners make the right choices and achieve gender balance.

In accordance with relevant laws, Open Door can conduct gender-focused search for candidates where companies have a genuine need for balance.

We provide candidate shortlists to our clients that allow our clients to make balanced decisions regarding their teams’ make-up.


Addressing diversity as the foundation for organisational performance.


Building strategic
partnerships that build
opportunities for people
beyond the role itself.

Attracting, developing and retaining women in your organisation is more than just recruitment, and it’s harder than most think. So we regularly collaborate with several leadership experts and in doing so, offer our female candidates access to incredible, transformational development opportunities, in both professional and personal spheres.

Equally, we work with our clients to help develop a cultural framework that means they are diversity-ready, so that change becomes the norm.

Talk to us about what additional leadership development opportunities exist within our strategic partnerships.

In so many cases, and for many reasons, women’s voices are simply not heard in equal measure within leadership circles. So our mission is to help our clients and partners realise the economic and cultural benefits that balanced leadership brings.

Our search goes beyond the traditional methods used by many recruiters – sometimes you just have to dig harder to find the gold.

Open Door is a sponsor of the Homeward Bound initiative, a pioneering and unique initiative that seeks to build a 1000-strong network of female leaders in STEM over 10 years, to challenge the status quo when it comes to women in leadership around the world.


Our partners know the benefits that balanced leadership brings.

Welcome to Open Door,
Australia's leading
recruitment consultancy.

Talk to us about how we can support your diversity agenda: Executive search, leadership development and specialised recruitment.

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