Benefits of Contract Roles – A Client Perspective

Approximately 25% of the workforce has been employed in contract roles since 1996, following an upward trend that began in the early 1980s. Depending on an organisation’s business model and transformation plans, the use of contractors can vary throughout the year. Although permanent employment within organisations remains indispensable, there are significant benefits that arise from hiring contractors. 

Firstly, organisations can hire for contract roles relatively quickly. The hiring process is typically much shorter compared to that undertaken for permanent roles, as the overarching priority is to hire someone with the appropriate skills to deliver something specific. Hiring a contractor also provides organisations with the ability to evaluate whether there is a long-term need for the role being conducted by the contractor, which may result in opportunities for organisational growth. 

Contractors also provide a high degree of flexibility for organisations. Such employees provide organisations with the ability to respond promptly to changes in market demands and needs as they occur; particularly advantageous in the post- Covid-19 environment. Contract workers are accustomed to working in various locations and for a variety of different teams, therefore they possess the skills required to adapt to changing working conditions.  

Finally, contractors can provide much needed new perspectives for organisations. It may only take one person to completely transform the way a business performs – for the better. The more contractors an organisation hires, the more unique perspectives it will be exposed to and a greater number of opportunities for change will arise. 

At Open Door, we are dedicated to helping our clients find the most suitable candidates for their contract roles so that they can make the best decisions for their teams’ make-up. 

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